The world is too vast. Life is too short. The stories are too many. My heart is brimming with emotion. My mind is overwhelmed with thought. Memories are created faster than I can contain them, becoming stacked upon the last and buried by the next. I am suffocated by the fullness of it all: the images of where I’ve been; the pondering of what I want to know more deeply; the mysterious unfolding of spirit; the immensity of imagination; the pleasure in storytelling. I will simply burst if I do not share some of it. I need to purge, and make way for more. Outside The Boxx is the conduit I have chosen. It is a place where I can put down some memories, collect my thoughts and opinions, relate my adventures, assemble my beliefs, and narrate my stories through words and photographs.

Dawn BocasMy name is Dawn and this website is my confessor, my creation, my canvas. In here I will meet with you, share with you, divulge to you the montage of my life. I do not know who you are. I can’t image your eyes, your home, or what you like to eat. You are anonymous, which is, as I need it to be. Here you will discover everything about me precisely because I cannot imagine you. It seems like a dark, calm place inside this site, like a blank diary or an empty cave that I will fill up with whatever strikes my fancy; then leave. You are welcome to sneak into this cave whenever you like and peruse the midden I’ve left behind. Be gentle, be curious, then be on your way. But do come back again, as I’m sure the tableau will swell.

Bio In A Nutshell

Nature is my church, my playground, and my home. Nature defines and inspires me, which is why I live in Oregon. I built an off-the-grid log cabin on a bit of land with a river running through the front yard and a mountain in the back. I spend as much time outdoors as possible, white-water rafting, kayaking, rock climbing, mountain biking, hiking, birding, surfing, and traveling. My favorite indoor activities include talking, reading, eating, dancing, and watching movies.

I was born just north of San Francisco. When I was nine, my family moved to a rural logging community near Eugene, Oregon. Later, we spent a year living on a commune. My folks are latent hippies. I played sports in high school, got good grades and into a speck of trouble. I went away to college, dropped out after five years to travel with a cowboy. Then I married a nice, conservative fellow, moved to Southern California and quickly got bored being a trophy wife. I tried working, at first selling my photography, eventually becoming a successful sales and marketing consultant during an age of rampant materialism. I got rich, went crazy, then swam with some dolphins near Santa Barbara who suggested I needed to get my feet dirty again. I gave up the money, the nice man, the fancy house on the beach and moved back to Oregon to live the life of a pioneer woman in the 20th century. And here I am still, living Outside The Boxx, discovering who I am, working on who I want to become.

More About This Website

It is 2007. Outside The Boxx is still young, like the tender grass painting the meadow outside my window. I prefer to tell you about what is on this site in present tense, though much of it is still in my mind, or on the editing table, and may not be available to visitors for some time to come. I give this caveat now so I don’t have to employ “Under Construction” banners on each page that is, and will always be, an ongoing project. On this site you can check on what’s new, read my writing, view my photos, track my adventures, nurture your spirit, and discover a hodgepodge of mishmash in chaos. There is also a list of frequently asked questions (faq’s), a market for buying cool stuff, and a forum for getting together with other like-minded people who just might also live Outside The Boxx.

I’ve tried to make it easy to figure out what is new to the website. Click on the new button and it will list dates of the latest postings along with a brief description about whatever it is. Then simply click on that link to get directly to it.

Cabin at Aspen Ridge RanchWriting is my passion and my bane. I’ve been telling stories since I could talk, though my folks might have called them fibs. Teachers said I had an over active imagination so I put these images to paper; and got A’s instead of scoldings. I’ve been writing ever since. Here, you can read my journal, essays, and poetry. The journal chronicles my current day-to-day life.The Wilderness Woman Diary is specific to life at the “Ranch” and serves as reference material for my yet to be completed memoir, Trails In The Sky. I am also working on a novel, A Courtship In Words, and bits of both can be found at books-in-progress. Travel and spiritual writing have their own unique page on this site.

Note: I love words, and the creative use of them. When I use an uncommon word I will establish a hyperlink to its definition. Sometimes I use words in a playful or unconventional way so it may not be in a context that easily reveals its meaning. The hyperlink should help.

If, for you, a picture paints a thousand words then you might enjoy my photos, which reveal the world I’ve explored, filtered through my eyes and lens. The album is an assembly of my favorite snapshots, they tell good stories but are not high quality photographs. The portfolio is a collection of my fine art prints; my specialty being nature abstracts. They are available as prints, greeting cards, computer wallpaper, and calendars.

I travel a good bit, mostly to third world countries. I also go on numerous mini-adventures and walk-abouts closer to home. When activities require a more detailed telling than that which I might put in my journal, then it will find it’s way to the adventure section. From a surf trip to Baja, and white water rafting in Nepal, to a long day cross country skiing in the Cascades or rock climbing at Smith Rock State Park, you will find these stories under “adventures”. Often I’ll include a few pictures, with many more in the photo album.

For me, the spiritual realm is vast and difficult to define. Language that gives shape to my beliefs can be as nebulous as a ghost. For want of a better word to wrap around all these thoughts and concepts “Spirit” will have to do. I am not a Christian, Jew, Muslim, nor Buddhist, though there are bits of wisdom in all these religions. I am very spiritual and dedicate much time to thinking about it, practicing my own religion, and writing about it. I do not believe in God. I am Pagan, which means I live closely connected to nature and celebrate the cycles of the Earth. I enjoy sharing my beliefs with others, which I do in It’s Soul Simple and Earth Connections, both can be read in this section, along with other thoughts, essays, and ponderings.

Chaos is a home for my miscellaneous thoughts and writings. It includes movie and book reviews, political rants, train of consciousness ramblings, my favorite quotes and recipes, and who knows what else. I wanted a good bit of latitude here, hence my choice of words, “A hodgepodge of mishmash”.

How am I to find the time to develop this site, to write and edit the stories I want to share? I haven’t found the answer to this conundrum yet but if you visit the market you will find things to buy that I think are unique or worthy or useful or just plain fun, and I will profit a bit from your shopping. Mind you, I won’t be giving up my day job just yet.

The forum is a central location for you to meet with others who are visiting OutsideTheBoxx, and to chat with me. If you have read this far then I suspect there is some element of your life that resonates with some thing on this site. You too may live outside the box, or perhaps not but still you want to learn more about paganism, or enjoy the travel stories, or look at some pretty photographs. Regardless of how closely connected you feel to some or all of the ideals expressed in this website I want to make sure there is ample opportunity to communicate with me and with others. There is a discussion board that I hope you will join, a newsletter to sign up for, and there is an email form so you can write me directly. I look forward to hearing from you.

As I trust you’ve noticed, quite a bit of creativity and care has gone into the design and development of this website. It is more than a blog and I believe the quality of imagery, content, and structural design reflects this. I am not a web designer but my partner, Bob, is. I encourage you to visit his company website at He has done an extraordinary job of taking my visions and giving them a life in cyberspace. He gives up a lot of his precious free time to support me with this project and all I can afford to give him in return is my gratitude and kisses. “If a kiss were a snowflake, I’d send him a blizzard”.

And what is with all the weird and stunning images used on the homepage and throughout this site? Initially I’d planned to post the information about each homepage image on their respective page, but the curiosity these pictures have engendered has been strong, and the various guesses fun. Therefore, I’ve decided to keep the details to myself for now and let site visitors speculate and make up stories about each image. Go to chaos, click on fun & games, and help solve the mysteries.

I hope you find OutsideTheBoxx stimulating, informative, exciting, educational, pretty, entertaining, thought provoking, inspiring, and just plain fun. Welcome, Bienvenido, Fáilte, Bienvenue, Khosh aamadid, Yah oohkááh, Foon ying, Mabuhay, Chaire, Willkommen.