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We ran around all day doing errands and buying supplies for our trip. We realized we weren’t going to get our Blackberry phone to work in South Africa so we’ve been checking out options for buying one, along with prepaid minutes. As it turned out, Lisa has a year-old phone that she no longer uses so she generously gave it to us. Bob bought a SIM card with plenty of prepaid minutes and it should be activated by tomorrow! The number is 27 071 091 4656, in case you want to call.


We had a bit of a setback in preparations today as it seems Bob forgot the key to the locking, steel-belted cam straps that we brought along to secure surfboards to the top of the car. We contemplated various options for solving this problem and finally concluded that going to a local locksmith would be the cheapest and fastest solution. Though still quite expensive it was cheaper than Fed Ex We’ll have to wait until tomorrow for the locksmith to get back to work, however, so our departure is being delayed yet another day. If we stay much longer we’ll have to start paying rent!


Lisa cooked supper tonight, after a long Saturday with her horse, and the three of us had a nice, chummy evening together. A bit of melancholy shrouded the room as we all realized we would be leaving tomorrow. Lisa has been so wonderful, so helpful and welcoming. Bob and I have grown very fond of her, the dogs and cats, her home and also Frieda. Feels like home away from home.

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