Entering Botswana

We broke camp right at sun up and drove 50K to the Botswana boarder. We’ve been apprehensive about crossing into this country because we’ve been warned by several people that the roads are horrible and there are military check points every 40 to 50 K. However, had no trouble getting into the country, and we landed at Khama Rhino Sanctuary by late afternoon. To our surprise, the roads are great: fast, no pot holes, wide, and there are fewer people and livestock so the going was fast and there were no problems with checkpoints as they all seemed abandoned. The structures were still in place but not one manned them. We got a little bit lost in the main town near Khama as there aren’t any signs directing one to the park, which is 20 K or so from town, but we made it eventually. There were only four campsites left when we arrived so we took the one with the most shade, though it was far from the ablutions block (toilets and showers), unfortunately there isn’t a community kitchen here. In SA all the camps, backpackers and Safari lodges with chalets offer a community kitchen as well as bathrooms (ablutions) but not so in Botswana, at least not Khama, just a few toilets, two showers, and a bathtub in both the men’s and women’s sections. I felt bad because there is a wood shortage in all of Africa and Khama hasn’t put in solar or propane hot water systems. Instead, there is a wood burning brick oven with pipes running through it that leads to the ablutions block. Bob and I opted for cold showers, even though the 90 degree day was cooling off quickly.

Although there is a nice tree in our campsite and there is plenty of space between sites, there is no grass, just red dirt and sand. Bob set up a net covered bed for himself outside and rigged up a nice, clean bed for me in the back of the rig. There were no lights to bother us so the starry night was brilliant and we both watched a meteor shower until sleep overtook us. I slept great all night, but with no exercise in the day, just driving, Bob had a pretty restless time. He had weird dreams about searching all over for me because I, or he, was lost. I guess he had better figure out a way for us to sleep together soon; one night apart and he has nightmares. He is such a sweetheart.

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