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Woke to nw wind (bad) and pretty solid swell (6-8′). Dicked around in the morning then decided to head down to Guns, the spot that’s supposed to be good on a big swell. Wind wasn’t good but it wasn’t that bad and there were a couple guys out so I hit it. It was about head-and-a-half with pretty good power. Nice setup. Long left reef, kind of a submerged point. Surfed a couple hours. Then we headed down to check a righthander a half mile down the road. It was small but breaking head-high on the sets. Not great wind but really a dream-looking spot. It went pretty dead when we paddled out but I got a few. Another really awesome spot with a good fast feel to it. I’d like to surf it on a bigger swell. Pretty stoked to surf a couple new spots in a new country.

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