A Different Kind of Work

Three days at the ranch, then back to Bend. Back to work. A different kind of work than what we did at the ranch, busting our butts to get moved back in. That was physical, exhausting work. I’m sore, yet satisfied. Now I’m back dealing with authors who complain about one thing or another, who don’t appreciate what my company does for them; who don’t pay their bills on time. Who refuse to realize how important marketing is to the success, or failure, of their books is.


I have two author clients I truly enjoy working for. The others are either just mediocre writers or they are so moody and/or marketing skeptics, that it makes them challenging to work with. I’ve come to realize that the money I earn from this job isn’t enough; it hasn’t ever been enough. Especially when I know I can make much more doing general corporate marketing, like I used to. I was willing to make the tradeoff and work for less than half what I can make in the corporate sphere in order to be immersed in the literary world. The payoff would come from being a champion of great books by new and emerging authors. Authors that wouldn’t have a chance of making it without considerable marketing help from me. But the fulfillment isn’t there any longer. I’ve become cynical about literature and realize I’m just being used by most of my clients who can’t see the depth of my passion for this work, for their books. I’m just another professional they pay to help get a few things done, and that isn’t what I need from this job. If that is going to be the nature of my working relationship with most of my clients then, well, I need to put my passion and energy elsewhere. I need to put my marketing acumen to work for my own art: my photography, my writing, and myself. I need to take this project I’ve dreamed about and schemed about for three years now, this website called Outside the Boxx, and make it a reality, make it a success.

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