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I absolutely adored this film. What a unique way to tell a story. Not only was it almost all told in song but they developed the plot to fit the Beatle’s music. The actual lyrics of 40-year-old rock and roll songs told almost the entire story. I loved all the voices, the chemistry between the actors worked, and it made me once again wish I’d been 18 during the sixties. I know I would have made a good hippie. I don’t know, maybe I still would have been too chicken to drop acid or do anything more mind-altering that cannabis, but the magic herb may have been enough for me even then. It was the free love, the rock and roll, the lava lamps, the flamboyant bus paintings, the peace signs, the protests, and mostly the hope and passion to shape the world into something deeper and better that intrigues me so much about that era. Too bad they failed. But Across The Universe is a huge success if you ask me. And mark my words, an actor named Jim Sturgess is going to become a start in the US. He played Jude, the lead. He isn’t all that handsome but his gentle kindness and sex appeal made me want to travel across the universe and back to the 1960’s to be his girlfriend.

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