Flu Blues


Good thing I stayed in town. I’ve now got a bad cold. Not surprising considering this cool, cloudy, and often wet weather that drags on and on. This, combined with too much work, cleaning two houses, and not having my neti pot and homeopathics to ward off germs and boost my immune system. I did treat myself to a set of brand new, 500 thread count sheets. They are so luxurious. I have been using hand-me-down sheets from family and friends for years. So I’ve spent half of each day sleeping and trying to get well, but enjoying my time in bed at least. I haven’t been able to walk much because I’m achy and stuffed up but it hasn’t mattered too much for the dogs since Chami hasn’t wanted to walk much, and our neighbors have been taking Rio for long walks with them. I love being in my Bend home again and am really sad we gave it up for the summer. However, I know we wouldn’t be able to afford a nice trip abroad this fall/winter without doing it so I’ll just have to be content with a rough log cabin in the mountains and cold baths in the river.

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