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Returning from my walk with the dogs on Pilot Butte I was unable to get home on 8th street because there was an incident involving 5 police cars, two police motor cycles, an ambulance, and a fire truck with men in haz-mat gear. I went around the block and was just able to get into my driveway as the ambulance pulled up and blocked the entrance.


4-Car pile upA four-car pile up had occurred smack in front of my house. A 1 ton pickup going too fast hadn’t noticed the stopped cars ahead of him. He plowed into the truck in front of him, which must have stopped to close to the SUV in front of him and he got smashed between the two. The SUV hit the sedan in front of it but the impetus had been slowed so the car didn’t fair too badly. No one was badly injured, a few people were shaken up and will no doubt suffer whiplash. Still this road that I live on in town is hazardous, As Bend grows and 8th street is used more and more for through-traffic or those on their way to the hospital and medical centers nearby, I worry about losing my love for my little cottage, quaint yard, and the community of Bend. I was commenting just a few days ago — as I watched traffic back up for three blocks with hundreds of mothers in minivans come to pick up their children from the school a few blocks off 8th street — that it was only a matter of time before a bad accident occurred. This smashup looked dramatic but fortunately there were no serious injuries. Still, it is only a matter of time.

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