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Visiting Eddy

It took a long time for Missy and her foal to come out into the meadow from their safe place in the aspen grove along Modoc Creek. Of course I fretted until 10 AM when I spied them heading toward the river for water. Not surprisingly, Missy, who has mostly been a pen-raised horse, veered into the corral to drink old water from the trough. This was exactly what I’d been banking on. I left the gate to the pen open when I let them have their freedom last night, along with a flake of hay in the manger. Sure enough, when I rushed out to see if I could spend some time with Eddy, the three of them were all hanging out in their old stomping grounds. I wanted to reinforce that coming to the barn at least once a day would be a pleasant experience so I fed the big horses sweet carrots and some grain. While they munched away I easily caught up Eddy, who actually seemed to miss me, and we had a short and successful training session. After 10 minutes I took off the halter and he stuck around for me to scratch his favorites spots. Then he wandered back into the corral, proving that he wasn’t afraid of it or of being put back in prison. He nursed for a bit, then laid down in the slick, clean straw and took a nap. I really wanted to lay down with him but decided I needed to prove to them that I could be the one to leave THEM, instead of them wandering back to the forest leaving me behind. So I went back to the cabin and worked the rest of the day.

I’ve never seen the mosquitoes stick around into July but I was out in Owl Meadow taking pictures of a grand, cumulous cloud fueled sunset, and was besieged by those horrible insects. There isn’t much about nature that I can’t tolerate but I simply abhor mosquitoes. I hate Deet as well, and I’ve never found a ‘natural’ repellent that does any good. So I sit inside, or in a mosquito gazebo during the early summer evening hours, which are my favorite, except for mosquitoes. I think one reason I’ve never made an effort to go to Alaska is my dread of the swarms of biting bugs that they are known for.

Bad as they were this evening, their numbers are dwindling, and the Mayflies are fading fast as well. Soon we’ll be bug free here in the Yamsi Valley, which is why I typically so love July.

Hey mosquitoes, its July; die already would you.

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