We had a long, leisurely morning with some more safari touring, good crocodile experiences, hippo tracks, and some birds and antelope. We left the park before noon when all the animals hunker down to wait out the heat of the day. We stopped in a small town to buy some minutes for our phone card and stock up on food. I had a nice time waiting outside and photographing the local people. Just a few miles out of town we pulled off to read about the Undumo Game Reserve and decided it sounded lovely so we turned off the tar road and drove 18k along a very bumpy, rocky road to the reserve headquarters. It was after 4:00 PM and off-season so the office was already closed. Fortunately we had called beforehand and the manager told us to pick out a chalet and deal with paying in the morning. We dumped our gear in chalet 4 and it appeared we were the only people around; no tourists, no staff.
We headed right out again to one of the bird blinds on the river nearby. It was a lovely spot and we saw plenty of hippos and crocodiles but all from a distance as the water levels are very low right now. Since it seemed the place was deserted we walked outside the blind and strolled down to the river’s edge, though most of the water is still 100 feet away. We could hear hippos in the distance but we didn’t come across any, thankfully. It was great to get out and walk for a bit, even if we were a little afraid of getting caught. We enjoyed a great sunset over the water and African forest, then headed back to camp.

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