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The long awaited first photo show at Umpqua Bank for First Friday Art Hop has come and gone. Overall I consider it a successful evening. I realize the month of sustained and focused work that went into preparing for it won’t really pay off until I’ve done several more shows, which should all be way easier to prepare for now that I have just about everything I need.



Umpqua Bank Art Hop PosterI was really stoked with all the great compliments the photos received. It was wonderfully validating to overhear people critiquing various pieces, full of praise and genuine interest. When I wasn’t busy schmoozing I would sidle up to folks who didn’t know I was the featured artist and eavesdrop. Just about everything I overheard was enthusiastically positive. I can’t really count the accolades from people who knew I was the photographer; I mean are you going to tell the truth if what you want to say is, “It’s bad, amateurish, keep your day job. However, I did get hugs and handshakes and pretty adjectives galore from dozens of strangers so I basked in the praise for hours. Nearly 200 people came through the building throughout the evening. At least half spent a good bit of time looking at the photos. Many came up and chatted with me and were effusively complimentary, others just needed something to do while they scarfed the free food and margaritas hosted by the bank. 


So, I now know that other people really like my work. The next step will be figuring out how to make it pay. The disappointing part of the evening was that I sold 16 greeting cards, and nothing else.


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