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No Rest For The Weary


No rest for the weary. I got my one day to recuperate yesterday, now it is time to move into high gear to move out of our Bend house and back to the ranch. Our renter moves in at noon on Saturday. We have to have all our stuff packed and put away somewhere, the house cleaned, and Chami, Rio, Mazzy and Bob and me living somewhere else. Since we can’t drive into the Ranch yet we are going to stay at my parent’s home for a few days while they are away in California visiting family. We could stay on at their house but with our three pets and the need to get lots of work done, it would be pretty crowded so we plan to move out by April 16 upon their return. Where we’ll go we do not know. We could live in the van at a campground somewhere and leave Mazzy with my folks. Right now we are planning to try driving into the ranch again on the 16th. Bob feels pretty certain we can get in with a week of warmish weather to settle and melt some snow.  What he isn’t certain of is if we could then get out again. Whatever happens, it is sure to be an adventure. But I can’t think about that right now.  I have to figure out what to pack into our 20 plastic tubs, and then where to put them all.

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