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I found the movie itself to be mediocre but it was worth every penny and minute to experience Jennifer Hudson.  Both her singing and acting were marvelous, though she is a bit clumsy when it comes to dancing or moving with any grace.  That’s okay though because her voice and her passion were fantastic. She was the most believable character in the movie.


Overall the acting was admirable. Beyonce was good enough, though a bit on the weak side, and I’ve enjoyed her other movies. She did have star powered moments-both acting and singing.  Eddie Murphy was unbelievably good.  Not that he was great but I didn’t know he had it in him to act and sing like he did. I’m giving him the number two spot for best supporting actor. I think Djimon Hounsou should win the Oscar because he played a tougher role that was more emotional and challenging. Still, Murphy was perfectly subtle when he needed to be, creating a good bit of compassion for his character; and equally stunning when he needed to be flamboyant.  Danny Glover was, well, pretty much just Glover; solid but boring.  Jamie Fox was the biggest disappointment.  He can truly act but he was uncomfortable in this acting/singing role and I felt it.


Dreamgirls should NOT have been a musical.  There was plenty of music and singing that fit within the framework of a drama and that was enjoyable. There were really only two performances that were not sung on a stage or in a recording studio or in some situation where it was natural to sing.  These two songs, singing the story forward, were so out of place that it just made you feel stunned, then awkward, then anxious to get it over with already.  And those two songs were by far the weakest in the movie.  If they had been cut it wouldn’t have detracted at all from the plot and would have quickened the pace and eliminated that horrible awkward feeling. Other than the quality acting and singing I found the plot mundane, the sets clichéd, and the dialogue passable. Still, it is worth watching for the Jennifer Hudson fix.

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