Mozart and the Whale starring Josh Hartnett



Mozart and the Whale photoBased on a true story and the book by the same name, Mozart and the Whale is romantic about the love affair between two people with Asperger’s Syndrome — a subtle form of autism with a side of savant. Donald (Josh Harnett) is an emotionally dysfunctional mathematical genius who organizes a support group for those with the syndrome. An attractive music and art genius (Radha Mitchell) joins the group and of course Donald is attracted to her.  However, he is very unsure of himself and is aware enough to know that their unique natures will make for a challenging relationship. I liked the movie and Hartnett did a very good job acting. He is often written off as simply a heart-throb actor but he takes his craft seriously and is much better than most give him credit for. Predictably, one of the attractions of the film (besides Josh himself) was the voyeuristic look at a syndrome that most of us know little about. What I found most appealing was the theme about relationships. When it comes right down to it, all relationships are hard and the underlying reasons are often the same for everyone.  Of course Aspergers certainly adds a unique challenge but love it hard no matter what…and worth it. This was a movie worth seeing.

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