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Namaste, Grandma Jackie


A huge snow storm blew across the Cascade Mountains yesterday, dumping nearly a foot of snow in Bend. We had planned to drive to Seaside yesterday to be with Bob’s family for Christmas Eve but the driving was treacherous and Bob’s Grandma Jackie, who is dying of lung cancer, had softened into a coma. Bob had said a warm and loving good-bye to his beloved grandmother a couple of weeks ago (he didn’t want to wait until she wasn’t coherent or able to appreciate the moment) and he wasn’t anxious to spoil the time he’d had with her by seeing her in a much depleted state. So, we stayed put in Bend. 


gjackie_bob_700pix.jpgStill, when we learned this morning that she had passed during the night and had been awake for a few moments with all the rest of the family around, we were a little sad we hadn’t braved the weather and made the trip. I don’t feel guilty about our choice and I still feel it was best for both Bob and Grandma Jackie that they held the tender memories of their last meeting as their last. However, Bob is struggling with his decision.


Grandma Jackie died peacefully, though only Bob’s father was with her at the time so we only have his account of it. Since he tends to protect the family (his job in life, of course) I suspect their may have been more to it than a plunge into everlasting sleep. Considering her body was riddled with cancer, I’m glad she left this dimension without staying around for too much pain and suffering. What a delightful, feisty woman Grandma Jackie was. I loved her most for being such a present and generous grandmother for Bob. Nowadays few kids get to have grandparents who are an integral part of their lives.  Bob and his siblings were blessed to have a grandmother who was ever-present in their lives. From the stories I’ve heard of her younger days, she wasn’t a particularly good mother, but she made up for any failings as a parent by being a loving and caring grandmother. Namasté, Jackie.

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