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Celebrating Winter Solstice

Celebrating Winter Solstice


Sunrise was at 7:37 this morning in Bend. Bob and I walked up Pilot Butte and made the summit well before daybreak. Apparently mountains and buttes and hills in the east kept the sun from showing itself until nearly 8 a.m. By the time it rose we were cold with the waiting so there was no hesitation about jumping for joy– literally and figuratively–when the rebirth of the sun fell upon us. We chanted, prayed, meditated and rejoiced in the knowledge that, henceforth, the days will get longer and our soul-energies will begin moving outward into a more physical, exterior existence. 


Mom and Dad joined us for a hearty breakfast in celebration of the abundance to come. I whipped up some Aspen Ridge Scramble, which is different every time I make it but generally includes fried potatoes, onions, garlic, and red bell peppers mixed with organic (free range) ground sausage then brought together with a solstice giftsmixture of eggs, sour cream, milk and spices. We made coffee as a special treat and Dad never noticed that it was decaf since we made it strong and used a dark roast from Strictly Organic, which is yummy and robust. After feasting we adjourned to the living room and I shared my list of “Solstice Carols” with the folks. Since they know the words and tunes (more or less) to all the classic carols, and since Dad has a good, strong voice, we sounded much better than the crew from our party. An hour later and lots of laughing, we finished the whole song book. Mom and I, with the worst voices, couldn’t help but sing boisterously. We love to sing and we love the winter holidays. I don’t know how Dad stayed on pitch. Next we exchanged gifts, played pinochle for a few hours, and they left as the day ended.


Since most people participate in formal Winter Solstice celebrations we didn’t have to worry about businesses being closed. Bob and I went out dancing in the evening and collapsed into bed (after a lovely end-of-solstice ritual) and dropped quickly into sleep. With each morning, henceforth, we will be sure to acknowledge the extra few minutes of daylight we are now getting to enjoy.


Check out the Sun/Moon Calculator in the CHAOS section of this website to determine exact dates and times for sunrises and sunsets in your community.

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