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Solstice Eve


Ah, Solstice Eve. This is the last day that our soul-energy will be spiraling inward. This hushed, dark, introverted descent of energy influences all beings throughout the northern hemisphere including people, the land, and of course wintering wildlife. Tomorrow the planet’s relationship to the sun begins to change and our part of the world will gradually tilt closer and closer to this star resulting in longer and longer days. Coinciding with this transition will be the outward movement of our own energies. But today we reach the innermost depths of our being and we spend the day honoring this shadowy place and the slow, gentle pace of our life-force. We embraced the opportunity to linger mentally and spiritually deep inside our souls, to contemplate our inner beings and connection with Spirit.


With this in mind, Bob and I decided to stay in town instead of trudging to the ranch. We slept in late, took a short walk in the morning and evening, ate very little, and spent a lot of time meditating and contemplating spiritual dimensions.


For more on honoring Winter Solstice Eve go to Earth Connections: A Guide to Celebrating Nature-based Holidays in the SPIRIT section of this website.  You might also want to check out The Nature of Depression in the WRITING section for an alternate approach to understanding and dealing with “mood swings”, “depression”, and “Seasonal Affective Disorder” a.k.a. SAD.

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