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Steppin’ Into Troubles

Steppin’ Into Troubles


I got out of bed this morning and stepped into a day full of troubles. 7AM email check revealed that Bob’s grandfather died this morning, and my media director at work quit.  The Ferrier came out to trim Missy and Brumbie’s hooves, which turned into quite a rodeo, and he strongly suggested a vet take a look at Eddy, which rejuvenated my sense of panic about Eddy and his cuts.


I’ve talked to Taylor (the vet) twice on the phone and described the wound in detail and he hasn’t felt it warranted a trip out here. So, I called again today and said I’d pay whatever it cost to get him to come check things out, even just to help me sleep better at night. Besides those skin tumors on Brumbie’s penis are getting worse, and Missy has never been looked at by my vet, so there are really 3 horses for him to look at. He said he would come out tomorrow at noon.


The only good thing about today is there hasn’t been any rain, and, in fact, there’s actually been a good bit of sunshine. It has been the better part of cloudy for almost a month, with almost daily rain showers. Apparently it has been the wettest June in eastern Oregon in a century.

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