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Summer Solstice Sorta

Summer Solstice Sorta


It was cold and raining on Summer Solstice, which sucks. I don’t recall ever having to build a fire on the first day of summer.  It snowed higher up in the mountains. I didn’t get up at sunrise for the first time in years. Slept until nearly 8 waiting for the big star to make an appearance before doing a 180 and starting its slow migration back toward the southern hemisphere. Depressing all around.


Spent much of the day damp and muddy with the horses. Enlarged the corral around the stall so Missy and Eddy have more room, spread lots of straw around to keep Eddy clean, doctored him 3 times but the wound still looks gruesome.


Tried to work but instead grabbed a novel I’ve been trying to get time for. So I escaped with THE TRICKING OF FREYA and a little fire in the woodstove to ward of the chill in my mood and the day.

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